Real World Homecoming recap ep 6 finale

Alexandra Richmond
10 min readJul 29, 2021

The “previouslys” here are kind of tragic. Before landing in the loft, Norm orates that the roomies are “beaming” in anticipation of being reunited. Eric reveals he got coronavirus. Kevin notes that their cast were reality TV “pioneers.” Eric says “the world needed [the Real World] to evolve (citation needed). Julie laments the other RW casts who had to live in cities that are not New York (lol). Heather observes in 2021, that in 1992, Kevin “was labeled an angry Black man,” and that “he wasn’t wrong.” Then we see footage from 1991 of Kevin explaining to Becky that “race plus power equals racism.” Then in 2021, Becky blurts out “that’s not fair! I’m not saying you are a crazy emotional angry Black man.” And that Kevin is attacking her right now (he isn’t). Then Becky leaves the loft, and reveals she’s only capable of talking to Julie about it in person. Then Becky and Kevin FaceTime, and she hangs up on him. Kevin says in an interview that Black people are tired of teaching white people about racism. Back in the loft, after being hung up on, Kevin says he’s had enough and wants to leave. This is all in 1 minute 36 seconds of footage.

At no point did anyone challenge Becky on her narrative, other than Norm saying “shut up.” Becky felt comfortable enough to say all the things that she said on camera in the loft, but not comfortable enough to hear about racism in our society, nor her roomates’ real experiences with racism. She said she “lost her skin color,” which deserves unpacking. Is whiteness something she saw herself as before she took the dance class, and not anymore? What came with the loss of her skin color? Did it come naturally or did she have to work at it? To say that Becky lives in a bubble is an understatement. It’s a testament to the tensile strength of bubbles, and of ignorance. To remain so willfully ignorant of racism being a problem is like attaining six-pack abs; it takes a lot of work and you have to leave a lot of good things off your plate to earn them, and it takes a lot of maintenance. Becky is very high-maintenance.

Credits roll sans Becky. Good.

It’s 2021, and Becky just hung up on Kevin. Kevin sits sadly alone on the couch, and says he wants to leave. Producers come in, masked, to speak to him. Then he says he wants to speak with the cast and they leave. He starts with saying that he’s had to deal with “a lot of hatred,” as he imagines Julie has too. Oh really, why, was Julie a KKK Princess or something? Jk jk jk. Kevin says, “no matter who you…

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