Real World Homecoming Episode 5 Recap “It’s about all of us”

Alexandra Richmond
9 min readJul 29, 2021

Previouslys: Julie says when she was 19 she said, “I’m not racist,” but it took her this long (30-ish years!) to realize, “oh, I have to be anti-racist.” Kevin tells Becky that she (and all Americans) have been “grossly mis-educated and don’t even realize it.” Becky doesn’t listen, Norm tells her to shut up, and Becky leaves the loft. Then, in a post-Becky loft, Kevin and Norm say Becky has been ignoring their texts but made a plan to meet up with Julie. Well then! Norm asks hypothetically when Becky ever called Julie, as footage of Norm and Becky nuzzling rolls from 1991. “I’m not fucking happy, and carry that message to her.” The credits roll extremely hard. This is the Real World Homecoming 2021. And that is Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

We open on Norm still angry about Becky’s leaving and trashing their friendship while doing so. Andre says he has “a real short wick right now,” he means “fuse.” Heather notes that real families argue and share feelings, but come back to talk about it. And Becky is straight-up blowing off their attempts at reaching out — except for Julie. But Heather notes this may be Julie’s persistence, curiosity, and pure nosiness. Julie says in an interview that she is’t sure if she’s a control freak, and she uses upward rising inflection so you know it’s performative. A producer says off-camera, sotto voce, ASMR-ingly, “but you are a control freak though.” Nice.

In real-time, Kevin says to Heather that this may likely be the only time they all are able to be together like this, and reiterates how lame it is for Becky to just walk out. “That’s how it ends? Someone just walks out? That’s a rhetorical question.” Heather says it’s a gift that Julie gets to have a chat, but “with all this yickety-yak, I’m just beat.” It’s time to put this behind us (she left!), and time for some fun. Specifically, it’s time for libations. And in an interview, Heather says she does not want to be shady but promptly dons sunglasses. A conversation should happen, but this should not ruin the happy hour. Back in real time, Heather yells that Kevin “ruined the party” and that Julie “clearly had too much to drink.” She is kidding. And that’s the end of the shit talk and message-carrying. For Heather! I am just getting started.

Alexandra Richmond

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