My Sartorial Inspirations: IWTBH! and GOCA

Alexandra Richmond
5 min readDec 19, 2020

One of the very few legitimate thrills of 2020 for me was getting to hop on a couple of chill yet exciting Zoom meetings led by Andrea Linett and Kim France, of I Want to Be Her! And Girls of a Certain Age, respectively. I’ve been reading the work of these editors and arbiters of taste since the Sassy era, and still click to open their emails as fast as I can when they land in my inbox. So when the pandemic hit in March and Andrea put out a call for guest posts, I typed as fast as I can. The thing is, Andrea nets guest posts from people like, say, Bobbi Brown and her fabulous neighbor/pal/amazing chef Carin. So I imagine that, after I sent Andrea my guest post, she used it as bait to get the posts I linked to above. She’s smart! Here’s my post from last year. I will likely update this for 2021, if the electric grid holds (crossing my fingers!).

Vintage (from April 2020) Guest Post for IWTBH!

I Want To Be Her! Guest post for Andrea Linett

Monday April 13 2020

Alex Richmond’s Rona (can we agree to call it rona?) Survival Guide from HTT (head to toe)

Andrea’s writing prompt:

<<I thought I would ask you what your beauty, health, fashion or home lifesaver is right now. Specific products would be great. Thanks!>>

Looking pulled together with a little edge and being comfortable is all I really ever want, sartorially speaking. In the most basic terms, I aim to look as decent as possible while feeling good. I tell myself I do this while channeling the perfectly tailored and subtle extra-ness displayed by Pamela Adlon, one of my current muses (Andrea and Kim, you are also muses and extremely influential!). My other goal is to be as comfortable as possible in all elements of my life. Now, in the age of ‘rona, where the end game is to literally save lives by staying home, comfort is whatever the hell you want it to be. I am being buoyed by the things that always do: cute pics of dogs and cats and goats on insta, cute pics of dogs and cats and possums on Twitter (just follow Martha Kelly on Twitter for that), and jokes. Good jokes. Follow all the comedians you can on social media. Good comedians. Maybe start a journal if you haven’t already. I started March 13th 2020. And don’t forget to drink water and wash your face (and hands) and change your clothes, every day. Drink water more frequently than change clothes, or whatever. My mantra for getting through this can be parsed from…

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