• Tourist In The City

    Tourist In The City

    I podcast NYC in sTeReO at *TouristInTheCity*. Here I follow people that expand my expectations. [Glorious art from the film Sita Sings The Blues]

  • Nerd Graph

    Nerd Graph

    Your Nr.1 source for amazing infographics. Submit yours today!

  • Omar L. Gallaga

    Omar L. Gallaga

    Tech culture writer and podcaster, now freelancing in Texas. Bylines: Washington Post, WSJ, CNN, NPR, Texas Monthly. Here for all your wordy needs.

  • Charyn Pfeuffer

    Charyn Pfeuffer

    Journo. Sex, food, travel and lifestyle topics. Unapologetic. Lives out loud. Swears a lot. http://charyn.pressfolios

  • Cindy McLennan

    Cindy McLennan

    Writing about TV & anything else I fancy, Formerly of http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com

  • Jason Bartlett

    Jason Bartlett

  • Australis Barramundi

    Australis Barramundi

    Reimagining the future of fish with delicious, nutritious, and responsibly-raised barramundi. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® “Best Choice” rated.

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